The importance of (not) having money

3 juli, 2015

When I am out  lectures and talks about reaching goals will sooner or later the question of money come up.

– There is no use because I still have no money, is a common comment when we talk about obstacles to set goals.

There is definitely no barrier, I may even be so bold as I say it can be an asset!

Why an asset? Well, because if you are missing one resource, you must compensate with a else- and it’s completely free to seek knowledge.

Yes, but horses are really expensive? Yes, it is the really- unimaginably expensive if you buy them competing at the highest level. There are very few who can buy ready-made horses throughout their career. However, there are other ways. Just look at our top riders that are based both in the world and here at home. A number of them have not had any oceans of money. Common to them is that they had a great passion and great dedication and an understanding of how much work it takes to achieve their goals.

It does not cost you anything and what no one can take from you is your knowledge. If you gain knowledge and work to become a true horseman and constantly evolving, you have a fortune with you wherever you are.

Set your goals high and find out what it takes to reach them. We are fortunate in a sport that does not discriminate against anyone, whether because of gender, age or origin. Everyone has the opportunity to become skilled riders, and we have a long time for us. A sport that requires so much experience allows us to compete actively at high level far up age.

Today, the chances are greater than ever for those who are willing to invest in yourself and your training to riders. In the past, everyone could train their horses by themselves, it was a matter of honor. Today, fewer and fewer has that knowledge. For a talented and educated rider, there are always horses to ride!

Some tips!

Believe in yourself.
Believe in the horse you have.
Search knowledge. Your education is never finished.
Listen to those who can, who wish you well and you trust.
Focus on your goal. Keep it alive and polish it up now and then.
Work hard.
Learn from your mistakes.
Think positively and have fun!